The Fire Techs’ PAVA Test Tool Has Arrived

Make measuring & fault finding PAVA & 100 volt loudspeaker circuits easy

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Working closely with our fire and security contractors it was clear their field techs needed a simple and accurate test tool. The Zircle is the result, providing those front line techs with a tool they can use for call outs, maintenance, installation, fault finding and commissioning.


  • Computes watts (100 V) and impedance @ 1000 Hz
  • Fast processing with results in under half a second
  • 5 watt (2000 Ω) to 500 watt (20 Ω) test range
  • Short circuit indicator with audible warning
  • One button operation
  • Auto ranging – no reading errors and quick results
  • Low battery indication
  • Rugged handheld case
  • Crisp backlit two line display
  • MagZtrap: magnetic hanging strap (optional)
  • Consistent and accurate measurements
  • Battery powered (PP3 included)

(Click and drag the image above to See Zircle from different angles)

Fast Processing with Results in Under a Second

The Zircle uses the fastest processor of all impedance meters, providing a stable and accurate reading 25% faster than the nearest alternative.

One Button Operation

One handed use, immediately you press the button the test begins. In under 0.5 seconds you have a measurement.

Auto Ranging

Some impedance meters you have to change the reading range manually. That’s fine if you know roughly what to expect but annoying when you don’t. Then if you are testing multiple circuits at the rack you end up having to change ranges regularly. Zircle just works from a 5 watt to 500 watt loudspeaker load.

Walk Test Mode

Fault finding loudspeaker circuits often means broadcasting a signal and then going out to find the loudspeakers associated with that circuit. However, fire techs mostly attend call outs alone. With the Zircle’s walk test mode you can leave it broadcasting the tone whilst you listen to the loudspeakers. It’s also less intrusive than broadcasting music or test messages and it’s low level means it can often be used when staff are present.

Short Circuit Visual and Audible Indication

Short the test leads together as a quick check that the meter is on and working. Also very useful to quickly identify circuits with a short without having to keep looking at the meter.

Low Battery Indication

Inaccurate measurement waste your time chasing fantasy faults. The biggest cause of this is a low battery, although cheap impedance meters are notorious for rogue readings with a new battery. Whilst the Zircle is accurate on lower battery levels than most meters, you need to know when the measurements are a mockery. The Zircle will indicate a low battery just before this point but we recommend you replace the battery quickly once it appears.

Simple to Use

Zircle is ready to use right out of the box – no setup, no software to install, no computer required.

MagZtrap – optional

Often there is no where convenient to position the Zircle. That’s when Zircle’s optional MagZtrap can be useful. In most places you’ll work there will be some ferromagnetic material that you can attach the MagZtrap and hang the Zircle from. The Zircle comes with a built in MagZtrap slot.

Rugged Handheld Case and Soft Zip Case

Engineered to survive in those unpleasant places you need to use it. Most techs have one kit bag for their tools and meters. This case protects your meter from damage and includes additional compartments for the test leads probes and an extra battery.

Sharp Dark Text and Backlit

Often you must test loudspeaker circuits in awkward places where it’s hard to find somewhere to sit the meter. But the Zircle’s large crisp display means you can place it near or far and still read it. This combined with the display being backlit means you can make readings with ease in even the dimmest light. Whether you are up a ladder in a sunny stadium or behind a rack in a dark and dusty office cupboard at 2am, you’ll always be able to see your measurements in any environment.

Consistent and Accurate Measurement

Inconsistent meter readings waste your time in pointless fault finding. The Zircle uses the latest design techniques and tight tolerance components. That means all the test parameters are rock solid test after test. If the reading shows a 5 watt loss from your last reading you know it’s not the meter. But also don’t jump to the conclusion you’ve lost a loudspeaker either.

Flexible Test Leads with Probe and Crocodile Clips

Probes are great for threading the test leads past other cables and through tight spaces, but not great if you want to leave Zircle connected whilst you do walk tests. The crocodile clips fit easily and securely onto the probe ends, their strong grip means they won’t fall off when mid way round your walk tests.

Make measuring & fault finding PAVA & 100 volt loudspeaker circuits easy

Are you struggling to diagnose loudspeaker circuit issues, do you feel exposed and unprepared when called out to a problem PAVA system?

Over half the issues you’ll encounter relate to the 100 Volt loudspeaker circuits. Without an impedance meter you will struggle to identify the problem and will lack confidence in your diagnosis.

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