5 Phone Cases That Are Indestructible (Almost)

5 phone cases that are indestructible (almost)

Remember that time when you were up a ladder, using your phone’s torch function to see into the ceiling cavity when some evil spirit paralysed your fingers and the phone was ‘released’ from your hand? That moment when you considered diving for it like a superhero but thankfully, after assessing the risk in a split second, decided to play it safe and suppress the urge to test your flying powers this time? 

Yes, we’ve all been there (or thereabouts). And from that dreadful height, we got to see our phones plunge to the ground in ultra slow-mo, with the final, tear-inducing impact leaving our screens (and our souls) shattered. Crushed. Demolished.

Smashed phone

So that’s why, when we were buying a new phone, the most crucial decision after the phone itself, was the case.

We’ve rounded up our favourites with fire techs in mind, or actually for any field techs or tradespeople who need maximum defence against knocks in the toolkit, falls from impressive heights and barefaced carelessness. We had an eye out for military-grade standards or thereabouts, and preferably with extra functionality thrown in for thrills.

Otterbox Defender

This rugged option is only available for specific iPhone models and offers a triple-layer of defence (inner shell, outer shell and touchscreen protector) that makes this a fine choice for construction workers and tradesmen. Not only is it made from a  tough polycarbonate shell, but the rubber slipcover will add additional robustness. What we also liked about this case are the port covers, which will stop dirt and debris getting into the jacks and ports. And the bonus? A belt holster which doubles up as a hands-free kickstand.

Mous Limitless 3.0

A robust yet stylish option, this is a case for field techs who don’t want to compromise on looks when they protect their phone. As well as the standard polycarbonate shell, the material also contains TPU, which is used in riot shields. And finally, the Mous innovative impact material, which they call AiroShock. What we love about this case is the useful magnetic technology that can be used with the brand’s wallets and other accessories. This one is for the Google Pixel 4 but there are similar spec cases for other phone models.

CAT S61 Hybrid Case

Who knew that CAT made phones? Actually they make really useful products with construction workers and tradespeople as their core market. Think waterproof, thermal imaging, air quality sensors and laser distance measurement tools. Smart, huh?! The phone looks like a great option and the cases compliment them well. This one, the S61 Hybrid case, boasts anti-shock absorbent corners and a durable belt clip. A great little extra is the carabiner attachment. Of course, the case only works with the CAT 261 phone.

Urban Armour Gear Monarch Series Case

This one is a US brand but it’s available here in the UK via Amazon. It really looks the part with a design that looks like the sort of thing the X-Men would carry around with them. Constructed with a whopping 5 layers and meeting 2x military drop-test standards, as well as leather and alloy metal hardware, this is a case that will work hard for you. Again, this particular model is only good for one phone – the iPhone SE (2020) but the brand has lots of alternative cases compatible with other phones.

Griffin Survivor Extreme

The lower price of this case makes it one to consider, especially as it boasts excellent credentials and comes recommended by one of our very own PAVA system experts. The must-have polycarbonate shell, drop tested from 15 feet, made with FortiCore technology to absorb and disperse shock and including button and port covers to keep out the dust and debris. This easily makes it onto our favourites list and certainly looks the part. Currently available on Amazon.

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* Correct as at August 2020