Zircle – The Fire Techs Friend

Zircle Fire Techs Friend

Introducing Zircle: The simple to use PAVA meter for a confusing technology

As a fire tech you no doubt deal with PAVA systems. Love them or hate them, fault finding PAVA loudspeaker circuits can be DEVILISHLY HARD and confusing.

You can’t do it with just your multimeter and if you are to avoid taking hours to solve faults you need an impedance meter.

The problem is that impedance meters either do too much making even the simplest test over complicated, or too little so you need a calculator to get a meaningful number.

It doesn’t help that most impedance meters were developed in the seventies so are bulky and delicate. Back then voice alarm didn’t exist, sound systems were used to page office staff and update train passengers with platform numbers and delays.

Those working on sound systems just did sound and if the sound system stopped working there was no urgency to get it working again. For those guys, the complicated impedance meter added to the mystery of sound and the basic meters meant they could show off their maths skills.

But with public address systems now used for emergency warning, that has all changed

Voice evacuation and voice alarm must be maintained and most importantly need to operate correctly at all times. PAVA systems have automatic fault monitoring so clients soon know if their system has a problem.

Those clients turn to you as their fire specialist demanding a fast fix.

That’s where the Zircle Impedance meter is the FIRE TECH’S new best friend

Loudspeakers and amplifiers operate in watts, yet basic impedance meters only tell you the impedance. To work out the watts you have to do some maths, but with a Zircle that is all done for you. On the display you see both the watts and the impedance reading, saving you time and reducing human error.

Zircle is easy to use and provides accurate measurements every time

You are under enough pressure when on a PAVA call out without having to understand how to use the impedance meter. We work on sound systems all the time and we probably use those extra bells and whistles in these meters on one visit in a hundred.

That complexity comes with a high price tag too, so companies can’t afford to buy an impedance meter for each of their field techs. That means you must go to the office to pick it up, rather than being part of your kit.

The good news is you can OWN THREE ZIRCLE impedance meters for the cost of one of those complex models. That saves the trip to the office and with a Zircle onboard you’ll spend less time fault finding.

Zircle is designed to be a fast and effective test tool. When designing the Zircle, we stripped away all those rarely used features. Then we simplified its operation so you don’t need a manual. We built it around a fast modern processor that delivers an accurate measurement in an instant on a high contrast and crisp display.

The Zircle is ideal for maintenance too

It’s common for the central equipment to connect out to over twenty loudspeaker circuits. For maintenance you need to measure the impedance and wattage of everyone of these. That’s EASY with the Zircle: once you’ve disconnected the loudspeaker circuit from the amplifier, connect the impedance meter and press and hold the test button. In under a second an accurate impedance and watt reading is displayed. The display is backlit so if it’s dark you can still see the results clearly.

For fault finding you can use this press and hold mode or the continuous broadcast mode. In the continuous mode you can leave the Zircle connected to the loudspeaker circuit and go listen for which loudspeakers are broadcasting the test tone. You then know which loudspeakers are connected to that circuit. If the tone stops between two loudspeakers you have a good place to start your fault finding. You also don’t need a second fire tech with you saving even more money.