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Please ask us any questions about the Zircle, sound systems in general or anything about the British and World standards, codes and guides. Anything outside of this such as on philosophy we may struggle to help you with though.

If you don’t work on PAVA systems much don’t be afraid to ask anything. Sound and sound systems in general have some odd things about them. We still ask ourselves and others questions for which the answer seems obvious but we quickly realise are complicated or counter intuitive. • 01273 034630

    Make measuring & fault finding PAVA & 100 volt loudspeaker circuits easy

    Are you struggling to diagnose loudspeaker circuit issues, do you feel exposed and unprepared when called out to a problem PAVA system?

    Over half the issues you’ll encounter relate to the 100 Volt loudspeaker circuits. Without an impedance meter you will struggle to identify the problem and will lack confidence in your diagnosis.

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