Your Zircle has two operating modes

Our Zircle has ‘One Button Operation’: One handed use, immediately you press the button the test begins. In under 0.5 seconds you have a measurement.

Mode One

Measuring a loudspeaker circuit load

  1. Disconnect the amplifier from the loudspeaker line
  2. Connect the test leads to the loudspeaker line
  3. Press and keep holding down the TEST button
  4. The meter will display the impedance and the 100 V load in watts
  5. Release the button

To do another measurement repeat the above steps

Mode Two

Walk test

  1. Disconnect the amplifier from the loudspeaker line
  2. Connect the test leads to the loudspeaker line
  3. Press the TEST button twice
  4. “Walk” will appear on the display
  5. The display will show the impedance and the 100 V load in watts
  6. The 1 kHz tone will now be broadcasting
  7. Walk around the area to hear which loudspeakers are broadcasting
  8. When you are done press the TEST button once to silence

Note: keep a spare battery handy if you are doing this for long periods.

Turning off the Zircle

We recommend using the on/off switch on the front. If you leave it on then every time the test button gets pushed inside your kit bag it will drain the battery. If the test button gets pressed twice in quick succession you might find the battery dead when you next need it.

Replacing the Battery

The meter will work when displaying LOW BATTERY, but the measurement accuracy worsens as the battery discharges. Wherever possible use good quality Alkaline batteries.

You’ll find the battery compartment at the bottom – it needs a 9 V (PP3) Battery (6F22 or 1604D). Take out the batteries if you won’t be using it for a few weeks.

Measurements Pointers

If the number of loudspeakers and their power ratings are known, you can multiply them together to estimate the expected load i.e. 15 loudspeakers set to 2 watts each is 15 x 2 = 30 watts. However, loudspeaker power settings are not very accurate so allow +/-20% difference.

Use Zircle to find loudspeakers on that circuit. Switch to Zircle’s “Walk Test” mode, and connect to the loudspeaker line. The Zircle’s 1000 Hz tone will then be heard from all the loudspeakers on that circuit. The tone is not too intrusive so can be used even when people are around.

The measured or calculated line power must not be higher than that of the amplifier driving it although a 10% margin is usually allowed for measurement error.

If the loudspeaker load is higher than the amplifiers rating then cheaper amplifiers will cut their output to protect themselves and distortion will increase particularly at higher sound levels.

A very high impedance value in the region of 10K ohms or more usually indicates an open circuit length of cable. In this case the cable is providing a small capacitive impedance.

A very low impedance value in the range 0 to 10 ohms usually confirms a cable short.

If a single amplifier feeds two circuits (“A/B”) and you are measuring them singly then you need to add the power values together.

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